Lisa Sweeney, CEO

Business in Heels

Monika has worked with Business in Heels to produce numerous Summits. These are large scale conferences, with workshops and expos and numerous attendees. She excels in coordinating lots of moving parts; sponsors, venues and customers addressing each of their needs. She does this in a calm and organised way ensuring it all comes together seamlessly on the day.
On the day, she is a great problem solver, allowing her to roll with whatever arises that is not to plan and ensuring we are back on track as soon as possible. She is a pleasure to work with and we would recommend her highly.

Krystine Canny-Smith, Director

Canny Group
(Major Sponsor for State of Wellness Summit)

The day was extremely professionally managed. I have been to many conferences and the well organised ones always stand out as they are on time (someone always gives time warnings), no malfunctions with technology (or if there are they are quickly fixed) and all speakers prepared and presenting well. Yours was exactly like this, I think it is up there with one of the best managed conferences I have been to. … I’m really impressed by the quality of the day. It definitely ranks up there for me and I have been to around 50 such days for accounting/finance/business management.

Jo Plummer, Director

Business in Heels

Monika can best be described as the ‘calm in the eye of the storm’.
I love her attention to detail, dependability and nous when it comes to prioritising. I have no hesitation in recommending Making Plans with Monika.

Merrin Schnabel, Director

Geelong Women’s Business Club

I would highly recommend Monika as she works with such confidence and grace. Monika was outstanding at creating my event for me. So efficient! I’ll definitely be working with Monika again. Thank you!

Jo Surkitt, Director

Revitalise Lifestyle

Monika was our event manager for Victoria’s inaugural State of Wellness Summit held in Geelong. I can’t speak highly enough of Monika. Her professionalism and organisational skills were top notch. Monika’s attention to detail and seeing all aspects of the event was extraordinary. She predicted all scenarios and was great at thinking outside the square and working with different my ideas and activations which were sometimes quite different to normal events. She was very patient and also has exemplary communication skills when dealing with the sponsors, the venue and exhibitors both on the day and leading up to the event. She anticipated things that I hadn’t event thought of and was great at finding solutions to any problem that arose. I would highly recommend Monika for not only large conferences and events but also any type of party, fundraiser or retreat.

Steve Sweeney, Owner/Training Division Manager

Australian Referral Training Academy

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Monika several times over the last few years as she has organised multiple events which I have been involved with. Her extraordinary attention to detail, magnificent organisational ability and capacity to get things done quickly are all wrapped in her unflappable personality and event management skillset. She calms presenters, clarifies confusion, fixes problems and does it all with a sincere smile.
If you’re looking for an event organiser to make your next shindig run smoothly from go to wo, make Monika Ewen your first call. She’s a professional through and through.

Kistin Gunnis, Operations Manager

Business in Heels

Monika has managed all our major Summit events and it has allowed us to give all our focus to our attendees. Our Summits are very big days and there are lots of moving parts.
With high attention to detail and a passion for being prepared, Monika guides us through the event setup and management plus being with us on the day, and allows our team to enjoy the event with our clients and partners.
Monika is always there with a smile and I appreciate her quiet manner, no matter the situation.
Looking for an event manager who allows you to focus on your attendees, then look no further than Monika.

Vicki Perry, Business Manager

Torquay College

I have known Monika as a parent and amazing contributor to our school events. She is organised, visionary and works with integrity. Monika is able to bring together people of different skill and mindsets to produce an event which exceeds expectations. I am very happy to recommend Monika for any event planning needs.

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